Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Well today was a dreary day. No sun shine but it was warm. Rain but it was warm. Foggy but it was warm. Dark but it was warm. Catch a pattern here? It made it up to mid 50s today! I am so happy to have a warm day I hardly noticed the other things.
We had to be in Columbus for an 8:30 AM doctor's appointment for Ann. It is an hour drive in traffic AND all three little guys had to go.
What was that girl thinking when she made the appointment????
We decided to make a day of it and I was so thankful for the warm weather.
Ann is such a sweet young lady and I couldn't be happier about spending the day with her but I do have to admit lack of sleep from the backseat had its moments.
Jake of course was almost perfect. Anabeli was tolerable and Marvin is at least still alive at this point in the evening.
He is becoming a very impatient child lately and when you are four of six that is not a virtue. We spent a great deal of time talking about being a peacemaker today and waiting our turn.
After the appointment we hit three great resale shops. It was fantastic.
Anabeli was able to get three matching outfits for $5.00 each that look brand new, three pairs of denim shorts for 2.00 each and a few shirts. I was thrilled.
Shop three is a Plato's Closet. If you have teens this is a great shop. I think they are a nationwide chain. The one we go to is in a wealthy part of Columbus which helps with Ann's fashionista ways.
Sam managed to get four pairs of designer (or at least Ann says they are) shorts and two pairs of jeans. This is a big deal since he is a 28X30 and that is so hard to find. I felt like I had hit the jackpot.
Jesse and Ann go their fair share of clothes there too. Nope we aren't too proud for second hand or garage sale things. The cheaper the better for us.
I find that very sad. Everything we bought looked brand new or maybe four washings. These were clothes with an "original" price tag of at least 75.00 if bought new. The store was filled to capacity.
Where are these kids getting the money for 200.00 jeans and 100.00 shirts??? What does it say to them to see their things hanging on a rack for 10.00-15.00?? Do they see the waste in the price or do they notice the items are still like new?
What will these same kids do when they go off on their own? I can't think of too many jobs with a starting salary that can support the life they are accustomed to living.
Lately we have decided to cut drastically all aspects of our lives. Are the kids feeling the pinch?? Yes. But that is a good thing in my mind. Life isn't always the best of every possible material thing. Sometimes it can be downright cruel in that area.
But when you look at family values, family memories and God's will I think our lives are right on track.
Yes we got some good deals but more importantly we had a good time today just being together.
When I think of Ann starting to leave the nest I am overwhelmed. I am glad we have days like today where we can laugh, bargain hunt and just have everyday fun for memories.
She picked lunch at her favorite place, Olive Garden. As we sat there waiting on our food I told the little guys the stories of Annie's life.
Annie loved the Olive Garden when she was young. She called it "Garden Ollie" and at that time we lived 10 minutes from "Garden Ollie".
Several nights daddy came home and she would beg to go out to eat. It didn't matter if supper was ready or not. When she would say, "Daddy go to Garden Ollie, puhleese. Daddy I wuv you lots," we were out the door. She still knows how to play her daddy.
For some reason when she was about two and a half she even removed all the silverware and stuffed it in the diaper bag. I don't know why. She doesn't know why although she did try to blame it on "baby Jesse". He was blamed a lot around that time.
I opened it a few days later when we were getting ready for another outing and found it. The next time we went SHE had to return it.
M and A laughed at the thought of big sis being so silly.
Even though it was dreary outside my memories were able to make it a beautiful day.
This is what I wish for my children. Beautiful days of recalling childhood memories.


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