Monday, February 9, 2009

Quick Post

We have been super busy the last week or so.
Jake has been evaluated and will start preschool in a week or two. :( I am trying to be upbeat about this but it is killing me inside. He is too little to leave his mama.
Marvin had major dental work done today and came out like a champ. I am so proud of him.
Anabeli is busy being the princess.
Sam had a basketball game Saturday and practice tonight. Lots of running.
Jesse is pondering what to get girlfriend for Valentines Day. I suggested a rose. Nothing to expensive or committal. He is only 15.5. He is starting to get ready to take the test for his temps on March 13. He will be driving by the end of September.
Ann is now officially a senior. Once again, I am breaking down. She went to online schooling about two weeks ago and is chugging right along. We need to start planning a graduation party for June.
Between all that, Jake's two therapies a week, Jake's nasty cold, various doctor's appointments, etc we have been extremely busy. Man, life is never boring here!
On the plus side, it has been very warm (in high 40 and 50 range) for several days. After church yesterday we all jumped in the car and drove about 20 miles to Chipolte to enjoy the weather and each other. Well at least some of us enjoyed each other. Others just did a lot of eye rolling and goofing around.

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