Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Jake is going to have eye surgery for his strabismus (crossed eyes) on Monday!!!

We are so thankful to God for such a quick date. At his appointment a week ago we were told it would be at least the end of March maybe even the end of April before they could get him in!

Today I received a call about 1:00 saying someone had cancelled for this Monday and the doctor requested they call for Jake!

Now I know it could have been a coincidence to get him in so soon but there are a few other things at play here.

1- Ann is home now so babysitting on such a short time frame is not an issue for her.
2- Blake works at a hospital based clinic on Mondays. It is almost always really busy and then he comes back to finish hospital patients in Marion. The day can drag on into the evening sometimes.
When he called the office to check his schedule, it turns out it wasn't very full at all and he can reschedule his day without a big hassle! This is great. I was a little worried about him going under anesthesia since his history is so confusing for everyone.

So there is no doubt in my mind that God has worked it out for us long before the call.

To me that is the coolest part of this. God had all this planned out for us a long time ago. Long before we even saw the doctor last week, long before Jake came home God looked ahead and planned all this out. How neat is that?

Once again I am amazed at His ability to work in our lives. The nurse told us the doctor specifically requested us!

Just yesterday his therapist, Miss Laurie, told me how she had become so attached to the little guy.
"You just can't help but fall so in love with him." she said.

We so know the feeling.


Vanessa said...

My prayers will Be with you all as Jake goes through surgery! May it be a complete success!

Debbie T said...

That's great news. I hope the surgery goes well!