Tuesday, May 5, 2009



I know adoption is not for everyone. I know international adoption is probably for even less families.

I know people are racist. I know the most challenged amongst us have problems keeping their mouths shut.

But come on. To say something mean about a child?? Give me a break. Or should I say, "I almost gave someone else a break today."

If you feel the need to make a racial slur say it about me and not my child or better yet keep your mouth shut.

Today Jake had an appointment with the orthopedic for a fitting for ankle braces. Now we arrive everywhere we can at least 10 minutes early to give him a chance to walk at his own speed. It is our goal to let him do as much as he can on his own. If that means leaving early so be it.

He can walk but he still has a Frankenstein walk along with ataxia. He is so much improved but there is room for more improvement in time.

When we arrived at the clinic I pulled in to a parking spot near the front. The space next to us was empty. A woman pulls up and parks her van next to us and looks less than happy.

We sat in the car while Jake finished his kid's meal then it was time to go. As I was getting him out of the car this woman comes up and start accusing me of pushing the car door into her van. Since I have a huge SUV I am very careful to watch this.

I explained to her in a nice way that there was at least a half inch between the cars and I apologized that she thought I had hit her car.

She then pushed my SUV door into me while I was trying to get Jake out of the car! Hello?

I had him unstrapped but not out so I said, "If you give me just a second we will be out of your way."

She pushed the door into me again and got in her car still raising her voice that I had dented her car.

Then she just sat there.

I got Jake out and I held him to get away from her before I put him down. I sat him down and took his hand then and we started to walk.

She was still carrying on and said something along the lines of "That lady threw her door into my car. The woman with that "Mex---- Reta--".

My blood boiled. I wanted to rip her out of that car through the window and beat her up. No kidding. That turn the other cheek stuff in the Bible probably didn't mean when someone insults your child or at least that was my reasoning.

Yeah I know it does but it is nice to wish it didn't.

What if he had been old enough to know what she meant? What if the other kids would have been with me? Are you nuts? He is a little boy that doesn't know the meaning of the word racism.

If someone will play with him he is happy. Skin color doesn't matter to him. Disability or lack of doesn't matter to him. He is happy to play with anyone.

I ended up not saying a word to the lady. I really didn't want to be arrested today for beating up someone in the clinic parking lot.

I was also determined not to let it ruin our day. So we just went along and walked slowly into the clinic.

The funniest thing was after the altercation in the parking lot I have two people tell me how improved Jake was and that I am a good mom.

We didn't ask for either compliment!! God just sent them along to brighten a day that could have been horrible.

God always seems to know the best time to send the best people. :) I wish he could just sew some people's mouths shut.

As you can see I still have some work to do on forgiveness.


Phyllis said...

OK, let me pick up my jaw because it dropped open reading this. That makes me sad and that makes me MAD!! You did much better than I may have done. I'm not so sure I could have kept my mouth shut. You ARE a great mom.

Amy said...

So yes, if I had been there with you I would have had to of thrown the first punch. Oh that makes my blood boil too. Sorry you had to put up with that. Some people need to seriously grow a brain. Amy