Thursday, May 7, 2009

Killer of a Day

Well we are in between appointments right now.
Jake is upstairs screaming, "no, no, no" because he doesn't want to take a nap.
The other two are laying quietly on our bed to watch Brainy Baby Spanish. Yeah I know it is not the best thing since it is so basic but I figure at least I am trying to work on their native language. I need to find something more suited for their ages that teaches Spanish. So I will just add that to the bottom of the "I gotta do" list. There that brings it up to only 100,000 things to do before the end of May. :)
Today Jake had OT and then to Help Me Grow for a repeat ELAP.
OT was all right but Ann is working so M and A had to go along. Drives me nuts to take everyone to something like that.
Last night I charged the DSs' but.... of course I forgot to turn on the light switch that controls the plug. So each got about a 40 minute charge.
That gave out at the end of OT and it was all down hill from there.
The whining and the fussing and the dirty looks (and that was just from me) was about more than I could handle.
ELAP was very successful and Nikki believes it shows HUGE improvement from last time, about six months ago. It will be score this week and we will meet again in two weeks.
I am so proud of the little guy. He tries so hard.
As we passed Daddy's office he said, "go daddy." We just had to stop in and say hi. Daddy was almost ready for lunch so we chilled in the car and off to Arbys. I don't like Arbys so it was a great place for me, NO temptation.
Took daddy back to work after a quick lunch and came home.
Ann and I need to leave in about 45 minutes to go wrap up the details for the graduation party. Still having a hard time with that one.
Then later this evening we are making a trip to Columbus to buy the remaining things we need for the party. Sometimes I wish we lived in a bigger city. Most of the time I am glad we don't.
She also wants to take me to her favorite restaurant, Mongolian Barbecue (?). I have not been there and she goes a lot with friends so I am excited about trying something new. I am also glad lunch wasn't a threat for the old diet.
So today I will have about 4 hours at home total as opposed to 16. Not much getting done today at home but a successful day thanks to Jake's motivation and Ann wanting to spend time with mom. I LOVE IT!

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Mary Ann said...

WOw! You do have your hands full! I know what you mean about not like taking the whole crew with you to apt. Now that the boys are getting bigger I am making them help me out alot more and usually I try to do Apt. when the boys are in school and grocery shop when the girls are napping Glad to hear your little guy is improving! Sounds like he is doing great to me!!!