Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Well we are about 10 days or so from graduation and the party and it is getting harder each day.

Today I was reminiscing with Ann about the day she was born. She is still so much the same but so different. At least the Nuk pacifier is gone!!!

Because she graduated in a nontraditional setting she doesn't have "school colors". We found a beautiful mossy green dress a few months ago that was beautiful on her and we have decided to work with that.

I am not very organized right now so we decided to have a the party at a place here in town. I didn't want to try and think this through on my own. How sad is that?

After much discussion (mostly me begging her to tell me what she wants) we settled on hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and salads, a chocolate fountain with lots of goodies and cheesecake.

Ann doesn't eat cake but loves cheesecake. We ordered it today from a friend of ours who owns a candy shop. So many flavors to choose from but we settled on "plain", banana split, chocolate, buckeye and white chocolate/strawberry. Of course that could change at any moment.

Moss green napkins, butter cream tablecloths and a small candle with graduation confetti will be used. I have also a small floral arrangement for the food table with fresh flowers in greens and ivory.

Invitations have gone out and things are moving right along.

Everyone has new clothes. The little guys have matching outfits.

Last weekend it dawned on me that my wardrobe now consists of jeans, shorts and t shirts. I have a pair of brown capris for church on Sunday during the summer that I wear with one of three matching shirts.

How pathetic is that???? So Sunday we went shopping for her a dress for the new boyfriends graduation and something for me to wear. It was painful. I HATE to buy clothes. That is so odd. Before children I loved to shop.

The party is June 6 with graduation June 7. I am dreading this so much. She keeps telling me she has graduated but I say not until the 7th! If you are there, look me up. I will be the mother crying hysterically. :)


Amy said...

And I will be crying right along with you! This is so hard isn't it? I want my baby to be a BABY again!!! Amy

Erin said...

Congrats on the graduation!

Phyllis said...

Hope you have a great party! I know it's so hard to see them grow up. I want to treasure every moment because I know it will be here way too fast.