Friday, May 1, 2009


I am sitting in the office listening quietly to the noise in the basement rec room.

Jesse has three friends over for a sleep over tonight. The noise is insane. Video games are blaring. They are screaming to be heard over the games. And the smell.....

***Now before I go on I have got to say Blake says my nose is out of touch with reality. I smell phantom smells all the time and he has spent lots of time trying to help me find offending odors.

The smell in the basement now is a mixture of Axe body wash, several kinds I think, just plain boy and potato chips. (See I told you I have weird nose.)

Tonight will be filled with video games, horror movies, pranks and just relaxing.

Pancakes will be required for breakfast before everyone leaves.

It seems like yesterday Jesse was a colicky baby who made a different kind of noise. He cried nonstop, day and night, 24/7, 365 days... get the picture???

But with the passage of time that screaming maniac has turned into a young man, three inches taller than mom and arms of steel.

His dimples are still the same. His eyes are still steel blue like his dads. Jesse is Blake made over in personality. They are so much alike. I laugh sometimes when I go into a room and they are watching TV together. They have their heads tilted alike and same facial expressions.

His voice is deep now but still melts my heart when he says, "Love ya mom."

Jesse is also a young man of principles. He will not be swayed. While others his age are smoking, drinking or out causing problems, Jesse is living a life to be proud of. It is my prayer he continues too!

At 2 AM tomorrow morning when I have had enough of the noise and feel as if my ears are overloaded, I hope I can remember just how special he is!

We love you Jesse.

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