Tuesday, May 26, 2009


It has definitely been a whiny weekend here.

We had so much fun relaxing, enjoying extended family and just having fun but there was a small cloud hanging over Jake's head.

Summer is here and the weather is warming up. We have been hanging outside a lot!! Bikes and swings, slides and sidewalk chalk, "water squirters" and pails of water for "painting" are now the norm. It is so beautiful with all the greenery. We are loving the warm weather.

We went to the speech therapist on Wednesday. A good amount of the facial muscles on Jake's right side do not work. The therapist believes this was due to his neglect and being left to lay in a crib on that side of his face.

They want him to stretch and strengthen the muscles. The bottle had to go.

We decided to wait until Friday so that we would all be half way rested.

Friday morning I explained no more babas and we symbolically threw one in the trash. At nap time he was digging through the trash for it.

My heart was broken.

The therapist wants us to use Nuby cups so I bought a few and gave him his milk in that. He wasn't happy but what can I say? It needs to be done.

We only had one night of crying at bedtime. YEAH!

He is starting to adjust but occasionally asks for a baba when I hand him a cup.

On a brighter note, gum is also to be chewed for at least 30 minutes a day. This kid is thrilled. He will chew a piece of gum for at least two hours after nap. He hasn't swallowed it or left it on the floor. He is getting so big. At this rate his muscles should strength at a rapid pace.

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Erin said...

Yeah on getting rid of the baba