Saturday, March 22, 2008


Those majic words....

I have known about this for a long time but I was waiting until we had a good start on things. With Holy Week we were basically at a standstill.

I can't wait any longer------ JACOB IS OUT OF PGN!!!!!

We are thrilled. Our son is coming home!

When we received the news we were relieved then reality sat in. WE WERE NOT PREPARED. I refused to start getting ready and then have things fall apart but last week I decided it was time to get things rolling. That is why were were so incredibly busy lately.

Things I had to do:

1- We had a crib but the mattress was on Anabeli's toddler bed so we had to make a decision on a new bed or a new crib mattress. In the end we got her a new bed. She and Marvin sleep together on a sleeping bag on the floor anyway so getting a new bed means then can still sleep together.

2- I didn't have any size 24 month clothes at all. NOTHING. So I had to start thinking of that. Most of my smaller clothes I gave to my nephew. The bigger clothes are still stored but last spring, I gave away the 24 months because Brandon's chest isn't as big as Marvin's and I didn't want to give away stretched out clothing. So I had to buy new clothing. That was fun. I enjoyed picking out new outfits.

3- I didn't have body wash or baby lotion, diapers, or bottles. We bought all that kind of stuff last weekend at Target.

4- Of course there is the saga of the high chair and we also bought that too.

5- Marvin and Anabeli each picked out a new toy for their brother.

6- I am reogranizing Marvin's toys and putting the things that might cause choking up high where he will need to ask to get them down. Jake's toys will be within reach.

7- All bottles, cups and clothes had to be washed and ready to go.

The only thing I have left to do it pack his suitcase and I haven't wanted to do that since we are still a few weeks out.

Hopefully soon we will be leaving for Guatemala and will have our son in our hands forever. I told Blake a few days ago I can't wait to each black bean soup and Pollo Comprero.


Angel said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That is wonderful news. Angel

Amy said...

YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!! Your beautiful son is coming HOME! So happy for you Cindi!!!! This is just wonderful news- I have been so behind and then checked in on you tonight and I am so glad that I did! WOO HOO!!!! Amy

Anonymous said...

That's GREAT news - Jacob will be coming home soon!Congratulations!! Happy Easter!

Becky said...

How wonderful. Hope you get to travel soon.


Whitney said...

Congrats on getting OUT!

I noticed Lil B down below (I am an EN hound) and found that you had adopted through EN before. We brought our daughter home from there just 2 months ago. It is always nice to find another EN fam. :)

Praying the last few steps fall into place quickly to get Jacob home!

Our Real Life said...

I LOVE EN too. Such a great place to be. I would love to get to know you better and talk about kiddos.