Thursday, March 13, 2008


Today was a great laid back day. I love days like today.

My sisters called and went to Applebees for lunch. YUM. I think their tortilla soup is really good and so does Anabeli.
People look at us a little strange when we get a table for 7. Three adults, three 3 year olds and a 18 month old.
The older couple next to us didn't have a sense of humor. They were seated after us and you could tell they were not impressed with their seating. Oh well, we did our best and the rest of the restaurant didn't think the kids were too loud.
I am still on a hunt for a high chair. That is just the way I am. I would rather look for two months and go back to the original idea than just buy it to start with. Go figure.
Off to Meijer ( a superstore like Wal Mart). They had the high chair I wanted but they are out. So I guess we will just wait. With gas $3.45 a gallon I am not in the mood to drive 30 miles to Columbus in my boat that gets 13 miles to a gallon for a high chair.
We did of course look at the toys.
Anabeli is so easy to please. She wanted a "color book with paints." She was busy creating the rest of the afternoon.

"Want to color paint with me?"

The next Piccaso. This child gets into coloring. She thinks it is the greatest thing in the world.

Marvin's sad face. Marvin loves monkeys, gorrillas, apes, anything jungle-like . Today he was able to get the monkey house. He couldn't wait to bring it home and open it.
Now Marvin's next issue is that all of the arms and legs on his guys or animals have to just right. I have to move them until they are just right.
So he opens up the package and brings me a monkey to fix his leg. It was not "going right" he said. Well I worked for 1o minutes trying to fix this toy monkey leg and I couldn't get it right.

Do you see the problem?? I am sure everyone can figure it out before I did. Look at the monkey's left foot.
It was put on backwards at the factory!!! Isn't that funny? There is no possible way to turn it around.
Marvin was not a happy camper but I sure thought it was funny when I figured out.

While I was watching Anabeli paint the post-woman left a package for me.
I had been on ebay and bid on a batch of girl's clothes, size 4 for Bel Bel. They came in today. Almost all were brand new with the tags on them. I got 10 outfits and five extra shirts for (drumroll please) $42.51!!! Can you believe it for brand new and like new clothes?
I am so thrilled. They are name brands such as Gymboree, Ralph Lauren, Carters, Hartstrings.
I am so happy. Doing the happy dance.
Tonight I am looking for Marvin. This is just like garage sales but nothing like it cause you do it on line, get to look for exactly what you want and get brand new clothes. Fun, Fun, Fun.

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