Friday, March 21, 2008


Sorry I have been so far behind but I have been incredibly busy. Can't go into all the details yet but soon. Also my big computer has a virus and I have spent hours of every day trying to fix it. UGH. It is still not right.
Last night was the start of spring break. YEAH!!! We have almost two weeks off when you count weekends. Lots of sleep to catch up on around here.
Ann and I decided to go to Home Goods and look around and out to Chipolte. We went by ourselves and it was wonderful. I love that store and Ann enjoyed looking so I was able to get things done.
Last week a furniture store in town had a going out of business sale and I bought Anabeli the most beautiful bedroom suit. It is off white and looks vintage. They called yesterday and said they would deliver it on April 3.
I haven't bought one thing for this bed and it is a queen size bed. So frantically yesterday afternoon I look on all the kids sites of a comforter, etc. and didn't find a thing. So then I suggested we go to Home Goods and look around.
I have thought for several months I was going with chocolate/pink because I liked it but Bell didn't really care for it. But I was going to get it. To be honest, it really doesn't match my spunky but girly little girl.
After searching for about 45 minutes for what I wanted I decided to give up and was leaving the linen department and once again I stopped by the children's linens and found this really cute little decorative pink pillow with an "A" on it. Of course I had to have it.
Then as I picked it up, behind some other things I saw it-- a pink, green and speckles of lavendar quilt. It was so pretty, fresh and girly.
Being the negative person I am of course I thought it would be a twin but I checked and it was a QUEEN!!!! It just looks like Bell and it was only $29.99 for a queen quilt. I decided it was exactly what I would call "Anabeli"-- carefree and girly.
I was so thrilled and the first thought that ran through my mind was "Thanks God for finding me this." As I continued to dig around in the kid's area ( I had already spent about 20 minutes doing this before), I found two pillow shams that went with the quilt.
Then I found a really cute rug to go with it. And if that wasn't enough I found a hand painted step stool for her big girl bed that matches perfectly and two sets of beige sheets that are the exact color of the background of the comforter. I am so excited and can't wait for everything to be done so that I can post a picture.
Yet another example of how God provides the little things in life that make us so happy. Big miracles are really neat but I think looking for the smaller things in life are neat too. God is so cool when he blesses us with the little things that show his love.
Even something as insignificant as matching a quilt to my daughter's personality is neat. Who can deny His love for us?
It is amazing to me that a God who is in control of the whole universe can and wants to take the time to show us just how much we mean to Him.

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