Monday, June 15, 2009


Last night Blake and I were discussing the number six.
It is not uncommon for people to say...
"Will there be any more additions?"
"Are you done?"
"Please tell me you don't want more kids."

(The last one gets to me.)

So last night we talked about the good, bad and ugly of six.

The good:

There is always someone to play or argue with.
There is plenty of love.
Hand me downs are great.
Six hugs and kisses at night.

The bad and the ugly:
Loads and loads of laundry.
Food costs are soaring.
The bickering between Marvin and Bell is outrageous on some days.
College for six.
Weddings for two.
The cost and time of six with different hobbies, sports and past times.
Being the parents of six at our age.
The stares of some people when you tell them you have six children (once again at our ages).
The troubles and needs of each child can be multiplied by six.
The long nights and even longer days sometimes.

So we looked at the list of good and bad. Then we were just quiet.

Are we done? Only God knows. But maybe, just maybe, if He sees fit six might not be our favorite number.

Yes we are old. Yes it is a strain on every financial budget. Yes it is tiring and there are some nights you fall asleep in a second.

But are we too old? Maybe not.
Are we willing to make sacrifices? Definitely
Are we willing to allow ourselves to be loved and share love? A million times yes.

So I guess the answer is "God we are waiting and listening." Can you let me in on the secret though??? :)

I think He already has.


Vanessa said...

GREAT post!! We only have three children, but if finances would allow us to I would adopt three more in a heart beat!! We're trying out some new meds ont he market for infertility and if it works we'll go on to number four!! I'm with you though because only God knows how large my family will grow!

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Go for it!!!!! If you have a heart big enough, God will provide the strength!!!! Finances although you have to take them into consideration....God has always provided for us, maybe not all we want, but all we need!!! So just follow where God leads you!!! I will pray for you all. Could be exciting :)

Amy said...

I think I have said we are done after every one of ours... and then finally it hit me one day that 'I' should not put limits on what God can do. Am I too old? Is our family already big enough? Who cares- if God see's fit to bless us again then we will be just that- BLESSED. :0) Love ya- and praying for your #7!!! :0)))) Amy

Octamom said...

We have very similar conversations around our place...


Anonymous said...

We just had this SAME conversation in our house!

GREAT post!