Monday, June 22, 2009


Jake has discovered a new toy---the vacuum cleaner.

He has sucked up so much stuff in the last 24 hours.

His favorite thing to do is to turn it on and stick it to his skin. UGH He is covered in vacuum hickeys. It must be a sensory type thing because he smiles as he does it.

Thank goodness I own a Dyson. I need the extra suction power to move a piece of red crayon, the wadded piece of paper, two paper clips and a sock. Those are just the things I can see in the collection container.

Today was his last day of school before summer break and vacation (two weeks). He goes back after the 4th of July holiday. He said goodbye to all his friends. It was so sweet.

Then he went to daddy's office.

You know those letters and numbers that are on charts at doctor's offices? They are a great thing for Jake. Every time we stop by he comes out of the office with 09 stickers, along with a few letters. I have even found him trying to remove them from charts. This kid cracks me up. He doesn't like normal stickers, oh no. Those would be too easy. He only likes the chart stickers that are expensive! Luckily daddy doesn't care.

Back to getting ready to leave. The paper chain has very few rings left so it was easy to count this morning. :)

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Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Hey, we own a dyson too- they are great! That is cute.....I am sure he is a real ham. You know that the youngest are supposed to be the comedians.