Saturday, June 6, 2009


Jake is taking over the posting tonight. He wanted to tell you all the 11 things he has learned since coming home. He has been home 11 months now.

1- I can eat with a spoon or I can eat with a fork. Forks and spoons are nice but fingers are even better.

2- Run-- Don't walk- EVER. When you are walking mom can keep up with you.

3- When someone says "Jake" duck low and don't make a sound. It is so much fun to watch the whole family look the house over for you.

4-Big brothers are so cool. They can swing you around, fight with you, play with you and teach you neat things like how to stuff a whole roll of toilet paper into the toilet or how to bug your sisters.

5- Sisters will do anything for you if you sit long enough. Ann will even feed me if I stare at my food long enough.

6- Mom and dad love me unconditionally and forever. That's the best.

7- Tractors are the coolest things on wheels. I want a tractor. Not a play one but a really big one like my grandpa has on the farm.

8- Baby beds are over rated. Nothing is as nice as sleeping my my head up against daddy and my feet (kicking) near mommy's head.

9- School is cool. Unless you have a time out for pulling hair or trying to bite. I thought that is what teeth are for. Honest.

10- Dogs are great and love to share their food if I can sneak away from my mom. They will keep the other little kids away too if you feed them.

11-Physical therapy is fun but when you get tired "perch your lip" and you can ignore the rules.

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