Saturday, June 20, 2009

7 days X 7 people = 49 outfits

We are still here and trying to get ready to leave in a few days.

It is impossible to keep the laundry up around here. I have done three loads today and I am (believe it or not) just waiting for the kids to get dirty!!! That is a first.

Because I am soooo bizarre everyone but Jesse needs for me to clear their outfits through me. Of course Blake wouldn't need to but he is so busy the few days before we leave I just usually pack for him. But even he seems to be heading for vacation mode.

Today has been interesting. Blake, Ann and Jesse went to Miami University of Ohio for a college visit this weekend. It really seems quiet around here noise-wise but it is never boring.

Jake found a bottle of kid shampoo and poured it all over the floor while I was busy. He then played in it and worked into the carpet in the bathroom.

(Note to self-- Never in a million years would I have carpet again in the bathroom. )

At that point playing in the shampoo was no longer fun so he moved on to dumping Thomas trains into the toilet.

When that chore was done he took off his diaper and ran butt naked screaming "I Jake". Yeah we know.

It is hot and humid today so he has on only a diaper but he loves his foot braces so he has on his socks, braces and shoes too. Quite the sight with his spider legs. He has grown almost 2 inches in the last month, all in his legs.

Anabeli is always willing to help and she has delivered the clothes filled baggies to packing central. Every outfit for the three goes into its own baggie. When you are done with it you can put it back in the baggie . Dirty and clean do not need to mix. Plus I know the little guys will match without difficulty.

Marvin and Sam are trying to hide but I keep calling and pulling them back into the mess of packing.

Everyone is getting excited and for the first time in several years I think I might be ahead of the packing schedule.

Ann still isn't going. I had hoped she would change her mind but that is not going to happen. Independence is over rated.

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Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Makes me feel like a normal mom...thanks for the story!