Sunday, March 8, 2009


Time for a keeping it real post.

The two older boys are on my last nerve.

Yeah I am grouchy today! Could it possibly be that I am sick and tired of spending time cleaning up messes that they have "already" cleaned up?

Now Jesse didn't think I heard him complaining as he walked away but he was wrong! You think I was grouchy then? Hang on to your hat boy!

So it required lots of "lessons" while he helped me clean up.

You put the knife and plate in the sink, throw away the package, put the bread away and put the mayo in the fridge when you make a tuna sandwich.

When you are done with the Sunday comics you put the paper in the recycling bin. You don't throw it on the table.

This one amazes me---- When you change Jake's wet diaper you do secure it BUT you don't toss it at the trash can and HOPE it makes it in.

After bringing your laundry down stairs you do not just toss it in the closet. See the six (I know I am weird) baskets? Sort it.

Put your bookbag by the back door when you finish your homework.

Put your calculator back in your bookbag. You might need it tomorrow at school. You might want to put your homework in there too. DUH.

When you sweep the garage (one of his weekly chores) you put the broom back where it belongs.

Sweeping the kitchen floor does require moving the chairs out.

I thought this was all just something if you are 15.5 or 12.5 you should know.

Unfortunately once again the phrase, "Give me the cell phone" was heard again.


Phyllis said...

That would make me grouchy, too. I had a long distance relationship a few years ago and when he came to visit once he kept leaving trash in various places around my house, which made me grouchy. Yes, I was kind and picked it up...AND I PUT IT IN HIS SUITCASE!! That way he'd eventually HAVE to throw it away :)

Amy said...

Okay- Phyllis just cracked me up! LOL Had to say too though that I can relate and yes makes me grouchy too! :0) Amy

Debbie T said...

Ha! Phyllis made me laugh too! And Cindi, I can SO relate to your 'grouchy-ness'. I've definitely been there, done that! :) DebbieT