Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I am not sure when this word even came into play. " Who taught Jacob how to say yuck?" Marvin says Bell did it. Bell says "Marvin you mean. Mommy I didn't. Yuck is a bad word."

Yuck has been the answer for EVERYTHING.

Do you want to share an apple with mommy? Babble (his version of apple) yuck.

Will you let Annie hold you? Nanny yuck.

Let's wash your hands. Bath yuck.

I didn't say bath. I said let's wash your hands. NO Yuck.

Mommy needs to start the washer. Yuck. (I agree with this one)

Please don't touch the dog. Your hands will get dirty. You can't get your hands near your eyes if they are dirty. Dog yuck. Dirty yuck.

Please don't hit your sister. Bell Bell yuck.

Let me wash your eyes. Ear yuck (Little confused in body parts still.)

Open that door and don't close it again. Mommy yuck. Mommy yuck. Mommy yuck.

Yep. It might be a yucky day for some of us.
Man I love this kid.

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Mary Ann said...

Too funny! Yes, we had a bit of bad weather! Thanks for your prayers! We always need them around here! I have had a sick one for about a week and I have not been feeling well since Sunday. I have a horrible headache today. It acts like it wants to be a maingrian but just not there yet! PTL! So I say Yuck too!!!