Friday, March 13, 2009


Things around here are soooo busy.
Yesterday Jake saw the surgeon who was very pleased with his eyes. She couldn't get over how aligned his eyes were.
He is walking much better and we are seeing very positive changes in him.
He absolutely loves Dr. McGregor and so do we!
We are also trying to get this graduation thing under way. I am still fighting it for my own selfish reasons but Ann will be graduating June 7. Where has the time gone? My first littlest one will be 18 in October. It sure doesn't seem possible.
Ann and Anabeli went to Columbus this morning to look around for a girl's day. Anabeli was beside herself with excitement. She could hardly stand still for me to brush her hair. They will be eating at their favorite place, Chipolte for lunch.
Sunday there was a "bag" coupon for a free burrito in the paper. They have waited all week to use it.
Blake decided we need a spring break, even though two weeks ago we didn't. YEAH We are going near Destin FL and renting a house there for the week.
We leave one week from today so I am rushing around. The only major things I need to do is get the two younger boys hair cuts and get sandals for the three little ones. We are off to Wal Mart in just a few.
I have lots of pictures to post and I will try and get to that this weekend.

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