Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I can't wait any longer. I have got to show you pictures of our little angel.
Our very first picture of Jake. He and daddy were "walking". Daddy put him behind the stroller and he was able to use it as a walker. He loved it. His eyes ares sparkling here. Such a huge improvement than the night before.

Sleeping in peace. He was totally comfortable falling asleep that night. He didn't wiggle or move like the night before.

What a gorgeous face. He sleeps so peacefully.

This was a few days after he came home. Marvin carefully put his arm around Jake to help steady him. He has such a sweet big brother look on his face. Anabeli was saying, "I really love him mommy."

Give me the camera daddy. It is my turn to take a picture. You can see what it is like with all those lights going off constantly in your eyes.


Mary Ann said...

Awe!!! He is a doll! I have been so excited to see him!

Amy said...

He's GORGEOUS!!!! LOVED the one of the three of them together especially! Congrats! :0) Amy

Amy said...


Katie said...

He is gorgeous ... just caught up on your blog. You all are amazing parents :)

Doreen said...

Hi Cindi , it was nice that you found my blog... i had to see yours :o) CONGRATULATIONS!! on your new baby boy!! He is so very cute.., it is so awesome another little child from Gt. came forever home! Neyvada has been home 10 months now.. all your children are beautiful!! you have a very precious family! doreen

Michelle Riggs said...

I have been catching up on your blog. What a difficult, but amazing story. I will be praying for you and your new son. He is gorgeous.

Thanks again for praying for Abby.