Sunday, August 10, 2008


My mommy has been so busy she asked me to blog for her.
She plays with me all day and then she goes to work for daddy to buy me more toys. That woman likes to shop for toys.
She will be back soon.

I am still not sure what to think about this family.

Mommy has me doing all kinds of things and she is always clapping and saying, "Good Job Jake." It makes me smile. I can also say it now when she is too busy to say it.

My daddy walks with me every night for lots of time. He walks me all around the house and holds my hands to keep me from falling. I want to be a good walker like daddy soon.

My biggest sister Annie is a push over. She holds me and kisses me all the time. Mommy says I will never learn to walk because Annie holds me all the time.

My biggest brother Jesse feeds me things mommy says no to like Doritos and potato chips. He smiles when he holds me. He is big and strong and I feel safe when I am with him.

Sam gives me pop when mommy isn't looking and he carries me a lot too. He also takes me to the TV room and crawls with me. I can almost beat him.

Anabeli is a good big sister and spends time looking at books with me. She pats my back and takes her nap with me when she is tired.

I think Marvin is the coolest. When I am 4 I want to be just like him. He makes me laugh and likes to play "boo" with me. I cover my face but he always finds me and knows I am there! He is so neat.

Mommy wanted to me tell you what I have learned since I came home. There has been so much. Life sure is different here than in my other home.

1- I can crawl really fast. I couldn't crawl but one or two steps before but now I know how to crawl and I can outrun mommy sometimes.
2- When mommy says "no" it means hurry up and finish and then crawl away as fast as you can. If she catches you she makes you stop whatever it was you were doing.
3- Food isn't going to go away here. At first I ate so much because I was afraid food wouldn't be there but now I know daddy will always make sure there is food. I don't have to eat quite as much because I know in a few hours there will be more.
4- If I cry someone will come right then and see what I need. That is neat and it works all day and all night but mommy and daddy don't seem to be in the best mood at night.
5- I can sit up now and not worry about falling right over. My head doesn't bobble any more.
6- I can pick up a whole handful of Cheerios now instead of one at a time. That is neat cause they fill my mouth easier.
7-I can say a few words but the ones that work the best and "mommy and daddy." They smile and hug me.
8- Hugs and kisses will always be here for me.
9-You are supposed to be quiet in church. oops... Sunday School class with mommy and daddy is cool because all these old people want to hold me and hug me. They touch my head and say "he is the sweetest thing, or He is so cute."
10- I can take about 7 steps by myself now. It is fun. I am also learning to hold onto furniture to get around the room.
11- My "lazy" eye is getting better because there is so much to see here. I always have something busy to look at.
12-Mommy has been teaching me to crawl up and down stairs. This is neat because when mommy isn't looking I practice by myself and can get into things.
13- I can hold my bottle and my cup with one hand now.
14-I am left handed and never miss my mouth now. I know exactly where it is.
15- I know now I can sit in my crib by myself in the room I share with mommy and daddy. They did not leave me for good and someone will be back soon. I am glad they let me share my room with them.
16- Mommy and daddy are always there, even in the dark. If I cry hard enough mommy will take me out of my crib and put me in bed with them. (I do this a lot because I like to sleep with my head up against daddy and my feet on mommy's arm.)
17- "I love you" means I will keep up safe, warm and cozy.
18- My whole life has changed. Mommy says this is what it means to live. I like it a lot.

Hopefully mommy will get off tomorrow night to post pictures of me.


Becky said...

Oh Jake, I loved reading your post. I was so looking forward to reading your mom's next post about the Embassy visit, but yours outdid hers hands down. I am happy with all of your accomplishments!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jake, it's so nice to hear from you! I like your name - I have a boy named Jake too! It sounds like you are learning so many new things and having a wonderful life with your new family. I couldn't stop thinking about you today after I read your mommy's blog about when she went to bring you home. I'm so happy that God has answered her prayers in so many ways! Give her a big squishy hug and tell her thanks for letting you blog and tell us all about what you've been doing - you did an AWESOME job! DebbieT

Mary Ann said...

I am sooooo happy to hear this wonderful news. It sounds like all this little guy needed was some TLC and maybe a little nurishment. I know you all are praising God for all these improvements. Before long he will be running as fast as your others! I can't wait to see pictures. I am dying to see him!

Amy said...

Mr. Jake- you are one sweet, smart little guy! Sending love and hugs your way! Amy