Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Annie has been busy.

She is out of school and enjoying summer. Also she is working part time for daddy in the evenings helping out with office paperwork. It is sure giving me a break.

Since school has been out she has spent the night with her best friends and they have been here a lot too.

These sweet, skinny girls can sure put away the food!!! They will tell me they are not hungry and not to worry but as soon as I go to bed I can here them raiding the kitchen.

Now the boys will eat microwave frozen pizzas and chips but the girls are a different study. My freezer is no void of all ice cream and I have gone through five pounds of flour in two weeks! Around midnight I hear the mixer working and if I am awake long enough I will smell the sweet smell of cookies. When I get up in the morning the plate will be empty. Salad and fruit go faster than I can buy it too. I just don't understand how they stay so thin.

It is nice to hear the giggling of the girls at night but the running up and down the stairs can keep us awake.

Ann cannot drive until the September due to a fender bender in January. She slid on ice and hit a telephone pole. In Ohio it doesn't matter what the reason is if you have a wreck in the first year you lose your license. She can drive with us in the car but not being able to take out her little Mustang is putting a huge cramp in her style. Getting into the Mustang is a big cramp for Blake's back and my legs.

Unfortunately Kierstan also had a wreck so it is up to Courtney to do the driving. She doesn't seem to mind.

I guess it is our fate most of the summer to hear giggles and smell cookies. :) They are a happy bunch.

Courtney, Annie and Kierstan getting ready for a dance. They are gorgeous girls.


Amy said...

Yep- I am NOT going to be showing my teenage boys your blog any time soon! ;0) They are all adorable! Amy

Vanessa said...

Beautiful girls indeed! LOL AMy!! I'm sure they woudl want to go for a visit right??