Thursday, June 5, 2008

UPDATE 1- Grumpy GUS

I am off a few days on the updates but we are busy.
Update 1 is just about the normal day to day lives.
We still don't have the birth certificate for Jake. I am one step away from needing a padded room. I am also very down about it. (I mean really down). We are to leave on vacation very soon and he won't be going with us.
Which brings us to our next subject- VACATION
We are all excited but a little sad Jake won't be going with us. We are going on a Carnival Cruise and I am really getting pumped. I booked the cruise several months ago with cheap fare and couldn't understand why the price was so low. (I know I am very slow) Then I started looking for airline tickets. This was before the big jump and the prices were still really high.
Finally after weeks of looking we were able to get reasonable (it's all relative at this point) airfare but will leave from a smaller airport two hours away. No big deal since it takes us about one hour to get to Columbus Airport and it is usually so busy.
SUITCASES- Here is the fly in the ointment. I had already packed one of the big suitcases for Jake and I was going to add Marvin and Bell Bell to it. So today I have the task of putting his stuff back.
I haven't been able to do it yet. I am too sad at this point.
I decided to check out luggage the other night and found out that one of our big rolling bags has a huge rip in it from last year's vacation. I thought it was a small rip that could be sealed with Duck tape but I was wrong. I sure don't want to be pulling my suitcase around and all my unmentionables fall out the hole so I had to get two more suitcases, one for me and one of the big boys to share.
We have plenty of sunscreen, good books and toys so all we need to do is bag it all and GO!
Blake, Jesse and Sam are going to do something called "rip cording" through the jungle in Jamaica. It sounds like so much fun. Ann and I will probably take M and A and walk into town. They were definitely two young to rip cord and Ann is afraid of heights so we are chilling that day.
Just for Marvin, one day we visit a pirate ship for lunch and he gets to see real pirates. Marvin loves to talk about pirates so I am sure this will be a fun day. He is trying decide if Jesse or Sam should "walk the plank".
Another day I will stay on ship on M and A and Blake with the older kids will go see the Mayan Ruins. I am soooo jealous but I really didn't think this would be fun for them and I really thought Jake would be here too. (sniff, sniff)
That tour ends up with two hours on the beach so Ann is happy.
One day Blake and I are going to visit the Mayan ruins alone. Then I will be able to enjoy it.
So that is vacation. All in a nutshell. We are going to have so much fun.

REMODELING- Months and months ago we decided to basically remodel the whole first floor of this house. Nice master bath and a huge kitchen with an even bigger eating area than I could hope for all open to the family room.
Our floor plan now works but it will help so much to have the kitchen up to the family room. When we moved into the house nothing had been updated since it was built in 1976 so it is time.
We should be ready to start on that as as July. I am going to take before and after pictures. Thanksgiving will be so nice without everyone walking on top of everyone in the kitchen. This is the most exciting thing so far to me.
We are expanding the basketball court by cutting down some trees and repaving it along with the looooonnnnngggg driveway to our house. They were supposed to cut down trees today but the tree service felt it was too wet after almost two inches of rain yesterday!!!
The driveway will be done by the end of the month.
This will give Sam a great place to ride his bike and skateboards and play basketball.
It will be a bigger place for Ann and Jesse to have friends park.
M and A will be able to ride their bikes. Right now the drive is so old and cumbly they find it hard to pedal through the rocks.

That about covers it for the main house update. We are just chugging along here.

Summer is such a great time in the woods. The trees are gorgeous. The sun is beautiful. Every window in the house has a breath taking view. God is so good. It is amazing how beautiful He planned our world. Things like this don't just happen by accident. Someone mightier than us had to plan it all out! All that I can say is "Thanks God." Hardly seems like enough though.


Amy said...

I'm so sorry you are stuck in this mess. I hope that you still have a wonderful time on your vacation and as SOON as he gets home you can take another- with him!!! ;0) Praying for you guys still~ Amy

Vanessa said...

Find comfort in knowing that lots of us adoptive moms are praying for you guys still in process!! My little girl came home alomost two years ago and i still keep up on in process families!! You all are in my prayers daily!!
Guatemala school book drive!

Michelle Riggs said...

Have a great trip. I will be praying that God will bring abou a miricle while you are gone.