Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I didn't go to sleep last night until after 3 AM. I am getting so excited.
DNA was to be done this morning and we were told we should have a pink slip in about two weeks.
When I couldn't sleep last night I was laying in bed thinking about my little guy. What does he look like now? How does he act? How is he going to react to us? What is his little personality like? What is he going to think when he comes home to 5 siblings and the noise level that occurs with all of us home?
How am I ever going to make it to the grocery store again once the older kids go back to school? Am I really going to be able to keep up with three little guys? Am I too old for this? (Answer is yes but who cares?)
Today we are going to pack his suitcase. Marvin and Anabeli are excited to help. They have each picked out a toy for us to take to him. I still need to make a picture book together with every one's picture in it and need pictures of cousins, grandparents and aunts and uncles.
I am still swimming in dirty laundry.
But honestly at this point I DONT CARE!!!!
God has given this wonderful little boy and it is almost time to pick him up!!!
Blake got out the calendar last night to figure roughly when we will go. He is excited too.
Other news---- Most of the pictures of vacation were taken on Blake's camera. I don't know how to download pictures yet so he will need to help me tonight. So stay tuned...


Amy said...

LOL YOu are too cute. You are NOT too old for this. A good friend of mine once told me not to put God in a box and limit him. He chose YOU guys (and he knows your age) to parent this precious little boy. No worries- just ENJOY! Amy P.S who by the world's standards has too many kids too!

Mary Ann said...

Praise God! I am soooo excited this is finally happening for you!!!! Awesome news! Can't wait to hear the PINK word!