Wednesday, September 9, 2009


For some reason today I feel prickly. I don't know why. Maybe it is lack of sleep. Three hours just doesn't get it for me.
Anyway, remember that Bill Engril (spelling of last name might not be right) who did the "here's your sign" routines?:

Lately I have felt like I should have signs. Does anyone stop to think before they talk? The rule around here is think before you speak. I say it about 50 times a day.

1- Do you love your "real" kids more? DUH. All my kids are real. No imaginary kids here. I love all six of my kids. Days and days go by and I even forget I have two types of kids. To me they are all our real kids and we love each of them for their unique ways. Adoption does not qualify for second rate.

2- Do you think they know they look different? My word I hope so. I am blond and hazel eyes. Blake is grey and blue eyes. The three older ones are also shades of light brown and either brown or blue eyes. The three youngest are coal black hair and eyes and beautiful brown skin. By the way, ask them. After all Marvin is 5 and Bell is almost five. Jake constantly plays with my hair and says pretty. He knows. Just so you know. Our house also has lots of mirrors so I am sure they have seen their reflections once or twice.

3- Are the Mexican? Technically Mexican isn't even a race. People from Mexico are Hispanic. Guatemalans are Latinos. They were born in Guatemala, another tip off they aren't "Mexicans".

4- How can the two oldest ones not be twins? Well they each have a biological mother and father, not the same mother and father. They are five months apart. If they don't look like me and you know they are adopted, figure it out when I say they are five months apart.

5- I bet they really like it when you go to a Mexican restaurant right? Yeah but so does the rest of the family. I have been eating Mexican food all my life. It is not a cultural thing.

6- Do you eat burritos and tacos every night? Nah sometimes we mix it up and have tacos and burritos.

7- When they grow up are you going to send them back to Guatemala to live? No. They are US citizens. They will live here. After all, this is what they know and love. How about we send you to a deserted island to keep you from spreading your "stupid"?

8- Do they speak only Spanish or do they understand English? Or a variation can be "How did you know what they were saying when they were babies? Did they speak English?" No they spoke baby. Marvin came home at 8 months, Bell and Jake both at two years. Bell had the best language skills of the three and even then it wasn't much. I knew what they needed because they were MY children. Refer back to answer 1 if you find this confusing.


9- What do you mean they are from Central America? I thought you said they were adopted from another country? GEOGRAPHY... learn it. Central America is south of the US. It does not mean sitting the in middle of the United States or centrally located in the U.S.

So there you have it. The nagging questions of our society. Sad but true.


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

I am laughing out loud as I read this because we have had sooo many similar crazy. Oh this a day care? Why don't you want kids of your own (I already have 7 Thanks!)? Oh yeah....feeling you on the whole here's your sign!!!

Phyllis said...

Oh, that's too funny. It's amazing the comments we get from people. I've been asked many times about Kristen's father because it's not always assumed that she's adopted.
I'd like to say "I'm not 100% sure who her father is". That might shut them up.

Live to love and laugh said...

You guys crack me up.