Monday, September 7, 2009


I just hope I can revive it.
My marriage was going to be different. I was going to always have romantic feelings for my husband. I was going to walk on water to get him anything he needed or desired. I was single handily going to change romance.
I have failed.
Today I was doing laundry from our vacation. As I was using my neurotic sorting techniques I decided Blake was running low on socks without holes.
The man doesn't care about much. He is really easy to live with but he does have his limits. I don't care how much it costs he wants a certain kind of shaving cream, shampoo, toilet paper, underwear and socks.
He is on his feet sometimes as much as 12 hours a day seeing patients. He deserves his choice of socks while he is "healing the world of their seizures and sleep disorders". Dramatic??? maybe. A little over the top??? Definitely.
Anyway you just can't go to Wal-Mart and buy socks for him. So I thought about it. It would include but not be limited to the following points.
Getting three munchkins into the car.
Working around preschool schedules, PT and other appointments, etc.
Remembering the stroller.
Dealing with hunger issues that are sure to pop up with Chik-Fil-A next to the mall.
Getting into the mall and finding the store.
Buying the socks while trying to keep track of all three kids.
Leaving and fighting the traffic.

Next thought: Can I just do more laundry and get away with this until I go Christmas shopping? It would be so much simpler.

So my friends, the romance is over. I no longer feel as if I can move the world to take care of my husband's special needs.

On the brighter side it took 19 years for me to fall off the wagon!!! :)

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