Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The WAIT is over

The wait is over and I am happy but also sad.

A few months ago we were asked to consider a special needs baby. He had some issues we were not familiar with and really didn't know if we could handle. Many hospitalizations were ahead of this little guy and with three other little ones we weren't sure how to deal with everything.

After much prayer and thought we decided at this time it was too much for us. We also said, "let us know if he doesn't find a home soon."

So I prayed for him. Jake started this round of testing and was passing with flying colors. Although he still has delays there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Baby's social worker came around again.

Maybe now we would be able to say yes. Once again earnest prayers were sent. Not only for us and baby but for the entire family. Lots of medical issues would make for an adjustment of schedules.

The answer at first was wait. So I waited. I prayed. I waited. I prayed.

Then a few nights ago Blake and I both agreed the answer was not now. We were both sad but knew it was right. When I got back in touch he had a new home!!!

Yes baby has a new home. I am so happy for him.

Sometimes the hardest part of waiting is not knowing. I know he will be fine now that he has "found" his family.

We are still not sure why we were told "not now" but all things will eventually work for the good.


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Praising God that he has a family :) Praying with you as you think about what else God has in store for your family!!! Waiting is tough & I am NOT good at it!

Phyllis said...

Glad the wait is over for you and the baby has a new home. I went halfway around the world, and said no to two precious girls, couldn't quite understand part of it at the time, but it wasn't meant to be.

Mary Ann said...

Soooo happy to hear he has a family! I know the disappointment! But God knows what you can handle! But that doesn't mean the door is shut. Maybe this baby is not yours , maybe down the road there will be one that is! I know how you feel! I so want a baby! But know right now is not the time! Praying the Lord does send one (to adopt)down the road! If we had the money and a bigger house to house them all I would take in as many as I could! Blessings!!!!