Tuesday, August 25, 2009


What is there about a three year old and a toilet?
He sure won't use it for the intended purpose. He screams "Jake no potty" if you even suggest it.

Side note- If told he will go get a diaper and wipes. Or if I forget about changing him he will bring me a diaper and say "Jake new diaper". But the potty is evil.

So far today I have fished out a washcloth, a receipt from somewhere (I can't read it with the ink smeared), a wood block and a pencil.

I tried toilet locks but my little guy figured it out before I did.

So we went to sitting a brick on the lid. Genius I thought until he figured out how to scoot if off and gouged the wall.

Love this guy!

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Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Oh No!!!! Crazy, but we have actually never had that problem....hope you find a solution soon!