Saturday, July 18, 2009


It is after midnight, closer to 1 AM I think but now I am all worked up and can't sleep.

Get ready:

It is all because my laundry closet is in a shambles.

Yes I am totally off my rocker. Yes I am losing my mind. Yes I am concerned about my laundry obsession BUT...

I am more concerned that my children cannot follow a logically developed system. What is the deal???

First of all I love me house. Our home was a gift from God that allowed us the ability to adopt three times. But that is a whole new post. Someday I will tell the story.

But there are two flaws. 1- The kitchen is incredibly small. This house was built for a large family. I have got to know some of the children very well. Even they felt the kitchen was too small for them. So on that fact I am not alone.

2- The laundry room is even smaller. It holds my washer and dryer on one wall. The whole wall is used up by the washer and dryer. Across you have a sink and a small cabinet and a door. One side wall is bare the other has a pull out ironing board that won't pull out unless the door is closed because there is no room. Once you close the door and pull it out you are stuck until you are done. Needless to say I don't pull it out often.

Anyway I have a laundry closet. This is a normal size coat closet that had a shelf about five feet from the laundry room.

I added another shelf and stacked laundry baskets in it to make a laundry closet. This is all the space I have for dirty clothes and with eight people dirtying clothes things can get out of control before you know it.

With everyone sick laundry started to pile up. I just didn't have time to do it. My main concern was my children, my husband and keeping myself and Ann well.

I asked the three oldest, please to gather all the dirty laundry and sort it into the right containers. Ann didn't have any clean clothes today because she has been hoarding her dirties. Why???

Now my obsession has me labeling the shelves and all you need to do is read to know there is a basket for lights, darks, reds, jeans, towels and to be bleached.

Maybe it is excessive but I read a book once that said to find your own "clean" space that makes you feel comfortable and keep it clean. When you are stressed you will know at least one part of your home is clean.

Mine is my laundry closet. The rest of my house can be a wreck. My youngest three can have snot pouring out of their noses and dirty, muddy clothes on. My oldest can be loud and obnoxious and have things strewn everywhere as long as I can open the closet and things are orderly I am safe in my own little world.

Mess with the closet and you mess with my universe.

Now also they (the school system) tell me my three oldest children are "gifted". They say they were born that way. Don't think so but who am I to argue?

Each one of these children can read way above grade level. Ann was reading her father's medical books in fifth grade and then discussing them at supper. She even knew that she was talking about.

I don't know what your normal supper conversations are about but ours include things such as what our bodies look like without skin? How much blood can you lose before you die? Why did God give us nose hair? How do you take out some one's appendix? Have you ever seen someone who is decapitated (one child is extremely sick in the head)? What is your favorite surgery? And my favorite, If one of us needs surgery can you ask the doctor if we can all watch?

So why can't these children understand what a dark article of clothing is? Or what a towel looks like and even better, why even though it is not a towel we put washcloths in the same basket? I know it doesn't say that just use your head!

I opened my closet tonight and almost needed heart surgery but then the thought of Blake and the three oldest watching my open heart surgery brought me to. I can hear the conversations now...

"Can you let me see it beat?"
"What happens if I cough right now? Do we need to start over?"
"Want to add a little more love in the old lady's heart while you are there?"
"Can I keep the bloody gauze pads? I bet I could gross out some people with those?"
"While you are in there can you make her more patient?"

Once again I digress.

Everything was a mess. They are all sleeping with their sweet, little tired bodies resting on soft mattresses with sheets that I am sure would cause mass confusion if I told them to put them in dirty clothes closet. After all there isn't a basket marked sheets? Where would they put them?

I sorted out four loads and lined the hall for tomorrow with them and then even though it is late, cleaned out each basket, vacuumed the closet floor and surrounding area, put the extra dirtys in the basket, put it all back and then quietly stared into the closet. I even found Marvin's long , lost knight and Donkey Kong in that back of the closet from last week.

Then it hit me. During the day or two the closet was in such a mess the world did not implode. We are all still alive (for the moment) and things are good.

But unfortunately that feeling didn't last long either. I just don't understand who three smart kids have trouble with laundry. It is probably a part of the universe I will never be able to grasp.

Now that I have vented I am off to bed. If they only knew tomorrow will hold yet another laundry lesson, they would all be down here helping me :)

I am such a sad, sad irrational person!


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

You an my husband are sooo alike! I have to say that I am not the one who does laundry. I will put away, and fold all day- no big deal. But sort the clothes correctly watch & clean all the spots out....well let's just say I tried to do laundry before....and HE was not happy with me. So he is very territorial with it. It is his spot- kind of like our kitchen! The blessing is that a few years ago our camp decided to add on to our home- and we added a laundry room....not big, but at least it wasn't in our kitchen anymore. We have 2 stackables and Jason was over the moon! Hey, he can feel your pain. I think he kept track once and he does at least 2 loads a day on average. Hope everyone in your home is feeling better again!

Erin said...

I hear ya. My husband does all of the laundry. Sean has his own hamper and Patrick and I have two.

He does it on specific days in a specific order and it has to be that way:)